5 Accessories to Match your Red Lipstick like Sara Sampaio

Wearing red lipstick is a way of expressing your personality. Red lipstick means sexiness, confidence and empowerment. Sara Sampaio, the Portuguese supermodel, is known for wearing a strong red lipstick and match it with accessories. The model is a Victoria Secret's Angel and she's been named one of the sexiest supermodels by Maxim magazine. Moreover, with a total of 11 Million followers on social media, the Portuguese model is one of the most followed models on social networks in the World.


Sara Sampaio's red lips matching Zesty Club's accessories


In this article, you will find 5 Zesty Club products to match with your red lips like the stunning Sara Sampaio!


1 - Zesty's Premier Leather Shoulder Bag

Zesty's Premier Leather Bag is the perfect accessory for your day-to-day life. With luxury features but still with a casual look, this red shoulder bag will give you the perfect look for your daily city life!

Zesty's Premier Leather Shoulder Bag - Zesty Club

2 - Zesty's Deluxe Soft Velvet Backpack

We all know that wearing small and stylish backpacks has become one of the biggest fashion trends of this decade but a red velvet backpack is on another level. The red velvet makes this backpack look sexy, stylish and super cool - perfect to match your red lips.

Zesty's Deluxe Soft Velvet Backpack - Zesty Club


3 - Zesty's Luxury Clutch

Thinking of attending a wedding or a party anytime soon? Thinking of going out later tonight? Why not picking this Luxury Clutch to match with your red lipstick? This luxury yet affordable evening clutch has all the fashion and luxury features to make you look even better! 

Zesty's Luxury Clutch - Zesty Club


4 - Zesty's High Fashion Shoulder-Hand Bag

We've presented you with an evening bag and a casual day-to-day life handbag. But why not picking a bag that can be useful for any event at any time of the day? This bag is perfect for any occasion and it can be used as both a should and hand bag. Its high fashion features will add a fashion look to your outfit. And guess what? It still matches your sexy red lips!

Zesty's High Fashion Shoulder-Hand Bag - Zesty Club

5 - Zesty Club's Reusable and Portable Straw

A straw? Yes, a straw! A reusable, portable and collapsible straw with case! The perfect accessory for cooler evenings - it is eco-friendly, cool and super sexy! And it helps protecting the environment - we absolutely recommend this eco-friendly sexy straw!


Reusable pink straw with case

We really hope you liked our article about our top 5 accessories to match your red lips like the stunning supermodel Sara Sampaio! Don't miss out on our best deals, click here to check our top-seller deals. If you liked this article, don't forget to share it with your friends and family and write down bellow which accessory is your favorite!


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  • The straw is actually a great idea

  • A Sara é linda. Orgulho que ela seja Portuguesa!

    Filipa Pinto
  • I wish I looked like Sara, she’s so so so stunning!

    Georgia Barlow
  • I love Sara Samapio

  • Great article. Excited to read the next one.

    James Stanley

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