Zesty Moulds: Chess - Zesty Club
Zesty Moulds: Chess - Zesty Club
Zesty Moulds: Chess - Zesty Club
Zesty Moulds: Chess - Zesty Club

Zesty Moulds: Chess

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Do you love chocolate? Are you a chess fan? If so, bingo! We mean, checkmate! This is the perfect Zesty Mould for you. Make your own chocolate or biscuit chess pieces and leave your friends surprised when you tell them that the chess pieces are actually not real! This unique Zesty Club Original is an absolute top-seller and it has been awarded as the Best Baking Product of 2018. Get your Chess Zesty Mould and start making magic today!


Main Features:

  • Works on chocolate, jelly, and other desserts
  • Durable, long service life, easy to use and clean
  • Made from High-Quality Plastic
  • Perfect for your home or restaurant
  • A nice gift for friends and family who love chocolate or baking

How to Use:

  1. Clean the mould with hot water and a soft cloth
  2. Pour liquid chocolate into the mould and rotate it around until chocolate covers all the surface
  3. Keep it in the refrigerator until it turns solid 
  4. Gently tap it and take out the ready-to-eat chocolate
  5. Clean the mould and air dry, store in a cool dry place until next use



Product Size

Length: 22 cm; Width: 9 cm

Work Temperature

-4°C to 230°C

Package Component

1 x Zesty Mould




Keep away from fire


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